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Welcome to JLRC!

Fellow Collectors,

Welcome to JLRC — a site that offers an unparalleled online numismatic experience, specializing in Canadian and United States coins, medals, and tokens.

Jacob Lipson Rare Coins has been a long time in the making. I began my numismatic career dealing coins in shop in Montreal. Five years ago I moved on to working with Heritage Auctions as a U.S. Coin Cataloger. Over the past 10 years, I have bought and sold lots of coins, handled major rarities, but, most importantly, learned a lot and met many fantastic people.

Establishing JLRC is a natural progression for me, the culmination of years spent dealing in a variety of areas and with collectors across both ends of the market. It also fills a void that exists in the Canadian numismatic marketplace by providing an unparalleled online experience. That experience involves high-quality images and informative descriptions that touch on the history, design, production, and availability of each offering, whether it is a circulated Seated Liberty quarter, a rare historical medal, or a condition census-quality token.

Rather than focusing exclusively on Canadian or American decimal coins, which we do offer, JLRC also provides a wide offering of more scarcely encountered historical medals. They include Betts and Leroux medals, agricultural awards, Governor General medals, school medals, and other esoteric pieces like this National War Finance Committee medal.

My hope is that collectors turn to Jacob Lipson Rare Coins as informative and engaging site where great pieces are available. The ways the market operates is changing. Collectors deserve a modern way to research, purchase, and enjoy a carefully curated selection of coins and medals from the comfort of their homes.

Thank you for your patronage, and please make sure to visit jacoblipsonrarecoins.com for regular updates.




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