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1736 Jernegan's Cistern Medal, Betts-169, AU-Unc.

1736 Jernegan's Cistern Medal, Betts-169, AU-Unc.


39mm. 20.5g. Struck in silver. The Jernegan’s Cistern medal, also known as the Carolina Medal, was once thought to be included among the medals relating to American colonial history, as compiled by C. Wyllys Betts in 1894. Betts believed the palmetto trees and legend CAROLINE PROTECTING 1736 referenced the American colony of North Carolina, a line of thought that had first been promoted by W. Elliott Woodward.

However, these medals have nothing to do with North Carolina or any of the American colonies. They were struck by London goldsmith Henry Jernegan as lottery tickets, with the ultimate prize being a massive wine cistern he had crafted but for which he had no end buyer. Reportedly, 30,000 medals were struck in copper, silver, and gold.

This razor-sharp AU-Unc representative has smooth violet-gray surfaces with glints of blue and gold throughout. Luster remains within the design recesses. A touch of strike softness occurs on the very highest points. Lovely, original eye-appeal.

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