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1888 Buffalo International Fair and Exposition, Harkness NY-232, XF-AU.

1888 Buffalo International Fair and Exposition, Harkness NY-232, XF-AU.


Bronze. 60mm. Struck by P.L. Krider Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The obverse features a central shield divided diagonally by a band of five wheat sheaves. The upper-right half shows Niagara Falls, while the lower-left half exhibits the main exposition building. The shield is superimposed over a scroll, with a locomotive left and a river scene right. A steamship is seen above, and a laurel wreath tied by a bow appears below. The entire border is composed of a 42 stars.

The reverse bears the inscription: AWARDED BY / THE BUFFALO / INTERNATIONAL FAIR / AND / EXPOSITION with a laurel wreath around the rim. The date 1888 is incused above the wreath bow. It would be interesting to determine if the 42 obverse stars represent the number of states in the Union. Washington became the 42nd state on November 11, 1889, a year after this medal was awarded. Perhaps the piece was struck and issued in 1889 or 1890 but backdated.

The quaint motifs display excellent detail and just a touch of cabinet friction. Mahogany-brown surfaces maintain flashy mint-red color in the fields and around the relief elements, heightening the appeal. Smooth with a touch of verdigris and a tiny rim bump at the lower obverse. A great piece for collectors of fair and exposition memorabilia.

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