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1909 Canada 25 Cents VF30 ICCS

1909 Canada 25 Cents VF30 ICCS


By the first few years of the 20th century, Canada was facing a crisis. Much of the silver coinage in circulation had been there for decades and was excessively worn. In 1909, it was agreed that these worn coins could be redeemed at a 25% discount from face value, even if their intrinsic silver value was well-below that level. Through private banks, the government took in vast quantities of mutilated silver coins during the second half of the year, and the recently opened Mint began striking vast quantities of new silver subsidiary coins, including 1.3 million 25 cent pieces.

The 1909 is far from rare, but examples are most often seen in VF condition or lower. This is a high-end VF30 representative with a strong reverse that approaches the next highest grade level. Obverse detail is equally impressive considering normal strike softness. Wear is minimal, with jewels visible on the crown band. Smooth surfaces are mostly steel-grey, but faint golden hues are also present.

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