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1897 Canada Large Cent MS64 Brown PCGS Old Green Holder.

1897 Canada Large Cent MS64 Brown PCGS Old Green Holder.


The 1897 Large cent has a substantial mintage of 1.5 million coins. Examples are collectible in MS64 in Brown and Red and Brown. There is a single MS65 Brown finer in this color category.

What this example has that similarly graded pieces do not is spectacular eye appeal. Putting its obviously high-end surfaces aside for one minute, this near-Gem offers lovely orange and olive-gold color around the obverse borders with additional sea-green hues around the reverse. The centers displays smooth and glossy violet and amber-brown tones. Underlying mint luster is radiant. The only pedigree marker is a toning spot above NE in ONE. Strongly struck. The C in CANADA shows obvious repunching on the upper serif, and bold die cracks travel through (GRAT)I(A), (CANA)D(A), (VICTO)R(IA), and the bust tip. The older green holder is heavily scuffed, but the coin is not.

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