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1882-H Newfoundland 20 Cents AU50 ICCS

1882-H Newfoundland 20 Cents AU50 ICCS


According to The Currency and Medals of Newfoundland, “On 18 February 1882 the Colonial Secretary of Newfoundland, E.D. Shea, wrote to the Administrator’s private secretary to request that proceedings be initiated to produce a further supply of coin.” His original order included a request for 20,000 20 cent pieces. However, on March 23 the Administrator, Sir F.B.T. Carter, “frantically cabled the Colonial Office to inform them that the coinage order he had sent [at Shea’s request] was erroneous.” Instead of 20,000 20 cent pieces, he needed 100,000 coins. The order, which had been placed through the Royal Mint, was subcontracted to the Heaton Mint in Birmingham. Interestingly, this was the first year that the H mintmark was placed below the date, rather than below Victoria’s portrait.

While regularly seen in lower grades, the 1882-H 20 cent is conditionally scarce at this level. In fact, the 2016 ICCS Population Report — the most recent publication put out by the certification service — lists AU50 as the lowest qualifying grade for the Condition Census. Specifically, it had graded four submissions in AU50 and nine coins finer. As of October 2018, NGC lists two AU50s and two coins finer. PCGS reports two AU50s and and 15 finer submissions, but that total is likely inflated. Suffice it to say, the issue is rare at this level.

Above all, this example is ORIGINAL. The obverse is richly toned in deep charcoal-grey patina with luster clearly visible within parts of the legends. The eye and hair strands are sharp and show minimal traces of friction. Golden patina colours most of the reverse. The legends and design elements on that side are crisp, and there are no noteworthy abrasions aside from a tick above the first 8 in the date.

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