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1864 New Brunswick 20 Cents VF30 ICCS

1864 New Brunswick 20 Cents VF30 ICCS


The 20 cent denomination was a short-lived experiment in Canadian numismatics. It was first issued in 1858 and later adopted by both New Brunswick (before Confederation) and Newfoundland (1865 through 1912). Although it was popular among Newfoundlanders, it proved problematic on the Canadian mainland. These coins were easily confused with American 25 cent pieces that circulated widely in Canada, and the denomination was quickly abolished. The United States went through a similar situation in 1875-1876, introducing and abolishing the denomination within a span of two years for the same reasons.

New Brunswick issued 20 cent coins for just two years: 1862 and 1864. A total of 300,000 pieces were issued, evenly split between the two dates. What’s interesting is that the reverse design adopted by New Brunswick was the one rejected by the Province of Canada. According to the Charlton Standard Catalogue, the design was prepared by George Wyon.

This mid-grade VF30 representative features bold legends on each side. Victoria’s eye and hair strands display crisp definition with minimal wear for the grade and could easily qualify for the XF level. Varying shades of steel-grey patina cover each side with faint lines beneath the toning that suggest the coin was lightly cleaned long ago. However, it poses absolutely no distraction. We very much like the eye appeal of this coin.

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