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1858 Province of Canada 20 Cents VF30 ICCS

1858 Province of Canada 20 Cents VF30 ICCS


The 20 cent is a single-year type in federal Canadian coinage. Although 20 cent pieces were also issued by New Brunswick and Newfoundland for multiple years, the denomination was quickly abandoned by the Province of Canada in 1860. These coins too closely resembled their 25 cent American counterparts, causing widespread confusion. A total of 730,392 examples were issued in 1858, but over the following decades they were actively withdrawn from circulation and systematically destroyed. A fair number of survivors evaded that fate, but seldom are they presented at this grade level or finer.

This piece is struck in coin turn, as usual. It features totally original blue and gold patina over each side. Liberty’s portrait is stronger than the grade suggests, though a bit of friction occurs on the braid. The reverse definitely appears to qualify for a higher grade level, with a razor-sharp crown and all but the 5 in the date boldly impressed — a typical characteristic for the issue. We love this popular type coin because of its eye appeal and important place in Canadian numismatics.

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